Argos – Drones ‘Summer of Sport’

Song and band info for the retailers new drone racing themed ‘Go Argos’ TV and YouTube ad.

Song Title: B-o-o-g-a-l-o-o.
Singers/Band: The Diplomats Of Solid Sound.
Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The soundtrack to this fast-paced Argos Summer 2016 advert is provided by the American funk/soul band The Diplomats Of Solid Sound. Released for download back in September, 2010, the retro sounding song is called ‘B-o-o-g-a-l-o-o’.

With the Olympic Games and European Football Championships airing on BBC and ITV later this summer, the theme of this particular Argos advert is understandably the latest HD and UHD televisions. All of which are available to order in store and online.

As is more clearly demonstrated in Currys ‘Cash for Goals’ ads, electronics retailers will be hoping this up-coming abundance of sporting action will give lots of fans (particularly men) the small excuse they need for a TV upgrade. I always think cash for goals sounds more like some sort of corrupt football betting scandal than a retail promotion, but maybe that’s just me. The video shows a group of drones racing past plenty of Panasonic, LG, Sony, Philips and Samsung 4K TV’s, and again reminds us about the companies same day delivery service, which is available for a fee of £3.95.

This ‘Summer of Sport’ video was uploaded to the official Argos YouTube channel on the 13th of May, 2016.

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