Argos – ‘Bounding’ Trampoline Delivery

Music and band info for the retailers new trampolining ‘Buy Online Today, Delivered Today’ TV ad.

Song Title: Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba.
Artist/Band: PowerSolo.
Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Titled ‘Bounding’, this new Argos advert show items being acrobatically delivered to colourful front doors by men and women bouncing on and off trampolines.

The appropriately bouncy sounding soundtrack to this ad is the guitar driven song ‘Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba’ by Danish duo PowerSolo. The band consist of members Atomic Child and Kim Kix.

When I first heard this track, and especially after I watched its official music video below, I assumed this was a song originating from the seventies or eighties. But after a little research it turns out the track is taken from the groups 2014 album ‘The Real Sound’.

This ‘Buy Online Today, Delivered Today’ Argos advert, which should begin airing on TV any day now, once again promotes the companies impressive Fast Track same day delivery service. Using this option, customers who buy online before 6:00pm can get goods delivered to their door by 10:00pm that night.

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