Apple Watch 4 – Hokey Pokey

Apple showcase some of the many activities which can be tracked or improved while wearing their new Series 4 Watch, including dancing, swimming and martial arts training.

Song Title: The Hokey Pokey.
Musicians: Ray Anthony & His Orchestra.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

Most of us here in the UK will recognise the soundtrack of this Apple Watch Series 4 advert as ‘The Hokey Cokey’, but it turns out other countries know it as ‘The Hokey Pokey’. But whatever you call it, the lyrics and melody are pretty much the same.

There have been many recordings made of this tune over the years, but the particular version chosen for this commercial comes from Ray Anthony and his orchestra. Recorded back in 1953, we believe the lead vocals are provided by Jo Ann Greer. Meanwhile, British viewers may be more familiar with a version of The Hokey Cokey released in 1981 by The Snowmen.

This Apple Watch Series 4 ad was posted to the tech brands YouTube channel on 12 September, 2018.

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