Apple Watch Series 2 – ‘The Gift of Go’

Apple Watch Commercial Song, Christmas 2016 – Soundtrack details for the new ‘Gift of Go’ Go Out, Go Play, Go Run and Go Dance adverts for the Apple Watch Series 2.

Advert and Song Titles, with Artists Names

Go Run: Tennies by Tkay Maidza.

Go Out: Informal Sector Parade (Thornato Remix) by Filastine.

Go Dance: Backwardz by Junglebae.

Go Play: Realligator by Magnus the Magnus.

Apple have just released a line-up of four new commercials to promote the release of their Series 2 smartwatch.

Each beginning with the tagline ‘The Gift of Go’ and filmed from a first person perspective, the adverts show people who have received the latest Apple Watch as a present, making the most of the devices new features.

The videos show users wearing the Series 2 while running, dancing, going out on a date and playing football (soccer) at night.

As is traditionally the case with Apple, each variation of the ad features a completely different soundtrack. As you’ve probably already noticed, we’ve listed the four commercials above, along with the corresponding song and artist names.

Each of these ‘The Gift of Go’ ads where posted to the official Apple YouTube channel on the 9th of December, 2016, ahead of the Christmas and holiday season.

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