Apple Music – ‘Anthem’

Apple Music Commercial Song 2017 – Video, soundtrack and singer details to the new ‘Apple Music Anthem’ YouTube and TV advert.

Song Title: Dance While You Shoot.

Musician/Singer: Noga Erez.

Download or listen to the track on: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon UK or

This latest TV ad has just been launched to promote Apple Music, displaying the streaming services musical note logo in a number of styles to represent different artists and genres.

The commercial shows the symbol as a disco ball, a record player and much more, as well as in the style of Elton John, Sia and other singers. The video also stars Dr. Dre and what appears to be Eminem.

Providing the soundtrack to this ad is the Israeli electronic musician and singer-songwriter Noga Erez, with her track ‘Dance While You Shoot’. The single was released for download in November, 2016.

The above ‘Apple Music Anthem’ video ad spot was uploaded to the Apple YouTube channel on the 1st of November, 2017.

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