Apple iPhone X – Animoji Amigos

Apple iPhone X Advert Music 2018 – Watch the full video, plus get the song and artist details to the ‘Animoji: Amigos’ internet and TV commercial, which stars rapping dog, poop and fox emojis.

Is this the future of music videos? I mean why would you bother spending a fortune filming a traditional video, when you can now just get animal emojis to mime for you?

iPhone X Commercial Song
Song Title: Stir Fry.
Group: Migos.
Download From: iTunes, & Amazon UK.

The song getting the Apple Animoji treatment this time around is ‘Stir Fry’, which was released in late 2017 by American hip hop trio Migos. Produced by Pharrell Williams, Stir Fry was the second single released from the groups third album ‘Culture II’ and reached number eight on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This ‘iPhone X – Animoji: Amigos’ ad video was posted to the Apple United Kingdom YouTube page on 18 February, 2018.

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