Apple HomePod Siri – ‘Welcome Home’ Dancer Details and Full Video

What’s the name of the song played in the new ‘Welcome Home’ TV commercial for Apple HomePod with Siri?

Song Title: ‘Til It’s Over.

Rapper/Singer: Anderson .Paak.

Download or stream from: Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon UK.

Competing against the Google Home and Amazon Echo in the voice assistant battle, Apple promote their HomePod device in this ‘Welcome Home’ YouTube and TV advert.

The clip broadcast during TV ad breaks only gives viewers a brief edit of this Spike Jonze-directed production, but you can watch the full length, extended 4 minute version of this commercial in the video above.

The song featured in this ad is called ‘Til It’s Over and is performed by American singer, rapper, musician and producer Anderson Paak.

If you’re wondering who the female dancer we see in the advert is, she’s British performer FKA Twigs, who also happens to be a singer-songwriter and record producer in her own right.

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