Shoot Football on iPhone X

Apple Football – Video, music and artist details to the ‘One, Two – How to shoot football on iPhone X’ ad.

As the FIFA World Cup gets underway in Russia, Apple have brought out this new ad video that gives viewers tips on how to get the most impressive results when filming football action on the iPhone X, which is available on BT.

Song Title: 1,2,1,2.
Artist: George the Poet.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “If I can do it, you can too” and “Edit this for me. One, two, one, two”, the song used in this film is called ‘1,2,1,2’. The track was recorded by British spoken-word artist George the Poet and was released for download in 2014.

This ‘How to shoot football on iPhone X’ video was posted to the official Apple United Kingdom YouTube channel on 13 June, 2018.

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