Apple Christmas – Sway ‘Move Someone This Holiday’

Apple Advert Music, Christmas 2017 – Extended video, song and singer info to Apple’s ‘Sway – Move Someone This Christmas’ holiday season YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Title: Palace.

Artist/Singer: Sam Smith.

Now Available To Download From: iTunes, and Amazon UK.

Depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on, this campaign is either Apple’s ‘Move Someone This Holiday’ or ‘Move Someone This Christmas’ TV and YouTube ad.

Featuring the brands AirPods and iPhone X, the commercial shows a woman sharing one of her wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a man who bumps into her, allowing the pair to dance together on the snow-covered streets.

The song they’re dancing to is called ‘Palace’ and was recorded by the Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter Sam Smith.

Palace appears on the artists second studio album ‘The Thrill Of It All’, which was released for download on the 3rd of November, 2017.

The lyrics from Palace that we hear Sam singing in the 30-second version of this TV advert are ‘My head is filled with ruins, most of them are built with you. On my way to something more, you’re that one I can’t ignore’.

The above full length version of this ‘Sway’ video was posted to Apple United Kingdom’s YouTube channel on the 23rd of November.

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