Apple Commercial – ‘Listen Up’ Behind The Mac

Apple Advert Music 2018 – Song and singer details to the ‘Make Something Wonderful – Behind the Mac’, “Listen up and I’ll tell a story” MacBook internet and TV commercial.

Apple’s latest ad campaign takes a look at some of the people who use their Mac’s to create original content, including photographer Bruce Hall who, despite being legally blind, uses his MacBook to create beautiful images.

There have been four variations of these Behind the Mac videos uploaded to Apple’s YouTube on 14 June, 2018, some of which featured different music. The song used in the above video is called ‘Story of an Artist’ and was originally released in 1982 by the American singer-songwriter and musician Daniel Johnston.

Apple Mac Advert Music
Song Title: Story of an Artist.
Artist: Daniel Johnston.
Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

Featuring the lyrics “Listen up and I’ll tell a story, about an artist growing old. Some would try for fame and glory. Others aren’t so bold”, Story of an Artist features on Daniel Johnston’s second self-released album ‘Don’t Be Scared’. In addition to his music, Sacramento-born Daniel Johnston is also well known for his visual art, which can also be seen on some of his album covers.

This ‘Mac – Behind the Mac’ commercial video was posted to the Apple YouTube channel on 14 June, 2018.

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