Android Advert – Music Streaming ‘Minibus’ Commercial

Android TV Advert September, 2015 – Song and artist details for the latest Google Play Music streaming commercial.

Song Title: The Music.

Artist/Performer: Darq E Freaker.

Download Track From: iTunes or Amazon.

Again starring members of the Swim Dem Crew and following on from the swimming commercial, this Google Android advert features a song called ‘The Music’. The track comes from London-based producer and DJ, Darq E Freaker.

The 28-year-old musician specialises in the genre of urban electronica and has previously released the singles ‘Ironside’, ‘Minger’, ‘Trojan’ and ‘Cherryade’.

Headed by co-founder Peigh, this latest ad sees the Swim Dem Crew sat in a minibus deciding what tunes to listen to. After first passing on some Jazz radio, the group instead go for Darq E Freaker’s aforementioned and somewhat higher tempo, The Music. That’s one loud phone.

The advert finishes off by giving us a glimpse of Google Play Streaming on the LG G4, the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 and Sony phones. The subscription service currently offers over 30 million songs to listen to.

The above video was uploaded to Google UK’s official YouTube channel on the 3rd of September, 2015.

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