Ambrosia Custard Advert 2021 – Mole, Devon Knows – Music by The Everly Brothers

Here’s a look at the funny new ‘Devon knows how they make it so creamy’ 2021 TV advert for Ambrosia Custard that stars a rather clever and mischievous mole.

This 30-second ad shows a cute mole hitching a ride out in the countryside on a passing balloon. While drifting along, the mole helps itself to a berry from a hedgerow, which they then cheekily hold under some Ambrosia Custard that’s being poured by some ladies who’re having a picnic. Genius.

Although this mole might technically be stealing that dash of custard, at least they are decent enough to raise the berry in a gesture of thanks.

Song Title: All I Have To Do Is Dream.
Artist: The Everly Brothers.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Fitting in nicely with the relaxing feel of the video, this Ambrosia Custard advert music is American rock and roll duo The Everly Brothers 1958 version of the song ‘All I Have to Do Is Dream’.

This same track was used back in 2018 on a Deliveroo ad campaign, while a very different-sounding cover version of this song, which was recorded by US singer Cat Power, features in this 2018 to 2021 ‘Dreams’ EasyJet advert.

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