Amazon Prime – Lion-Dog Baby Commercial

Amazon Advert Song 2016-2017 – Music and singer details for Amazon Prime’s new ‘Lion-Dog – Millions of ways to save the day, delivered in one day’ internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: You and Me.

Artist/Singer: Arielle Paul.

Available To Download From: Amazon UK and

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new TV ad for Amazon Prime but, as ever, they don’t disappoint. With another heartwarming short story and fitting soundtrack, this one was certainly worth waiting for.

The advert shows a golden retriever watching his owners enjoying being with their new baby, while entertaining the child with a furry toy lion. But when their dog comes close to meet the toddler themself, the baby gets scared and cries.

However, with his dad having noticed the child seems to like fluffy lions, he quickly thinks of just the thing to bring them all together.

After a quick click on Amazon, the dad orders a lion’s mane costume for his canine companion which, delivered the next day, successfully calms his babies nerves and unites the pair.

Featuring the lyrics ‘I wish I could ask you, how was your day. A friend would be lovely, don’t you agree?’, the beautiful song you hear playing in this commercial is called ‘You and Me’.

The track is performed by the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Arielle Paul and was released for download back in June of this year.

Although this advert launched in Japan a few months ago, the video was only uploaded to the official YouTube channel on the 13th of November, 2016 and has just begun airing on British TV. The full length 60-second version (above) has since been posted on the 9th of June, 2017.

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