Amazon Prime – Leaf Blower Swing

Amazon Prime Advert Song 2016 – Music and band details for Amazon’s brand-new ‘Swing – Leaf Blower’ TV commercial. #Primeyourday

Song Title: I’m A Man.

Singer/Band: The Spencer Davis Group.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

It’s been a fair few months since Amazon UK’s previous ‘Little Horse’ advert first appeared on our screens, but today finally saw the launch of a new Prime TV ad.

Carrying on with the retailers ‘Millions of ways to save the day’ theme, this latest commercial shows an elderly gentleman getting worn out from pushing a girl, who I presume is his granddaughter, on their garden swing.

Seeing that he’s running out of energy, the man’s wife comes up with the perfect solution. Using Amazon Prime’s next day delivery service, the lady uses her smartphone to order a leaf blower, obviously.

I’d imagine you’d need a pretty powerful leaf blower for this to work and the guy would probably have a tough time staying on his feet, but having not tried this one myself, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

This ‘Swing’ ad uses the same winning formula and follows on from last years highly popular ‘Little Horse’ and ‘Dog With A Bad Leg’ creations.

The song playing in this latest advert is called ‘I’m A Man’ and is performed by British rock band The Spencer Davis Group. Released as a single in 1967, the track was written by the groups vocalist/organist Steve Winwood and reached number 9 in the UK charts.

The above 60-second version of Amazon Prime’s Swing advert was posted to the companies UK YouTube channel on the 1st of June, 2016.

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