Amazon Prime – ‘Dog With A Bad Leg’ Wandering Star

Amazon Prime August/September 2015 TV Ad Song Details: Music, singer and dog breed info for ‘I was born under a Wandering Star’, Dog With A Bad Leg commercial.

What’s the name of the song used in the latest Amazon Prime advert and who sings it?

This great ad from online retailer Amazon features a track called ‘Wand’rin’ Star’, which is sung by Lee Marvin. It can be downloaded on either iTunes or from Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics ‘I was born under a Wandering Star’ and paired with Clint Eastwood’s B-side ‘I Talk to the Trees’, the single spent three weeks on top of the UK charts back in March of 1970. The song was originally written in 1951 as part of the stage musical ‘Paint Your Wagon’.

When the musical was later made into a film in 1969, Lee Marvin played the part of Ben Rumson, singing all of the characters songs himself. Though the movie turned out to be something of a box office flop, its soundtrack proved far more successful.

As for the advert itself, Amazon appear to have followed the simple and popular formula of: Cute dog = Highly successful ad. In the video (above) we see poor little Flash the dog, who due to his leg currently being in plaster, is having a hard time getting around.

Noticing that his furry friend’s struggling and also feeling rather left out, Flash’s owner Jessie uses Amazon Prime’s inclusive next day delivery service to order a baby carrier. Despite not strictly being what they’re designed for, the present allows Flash to give his leg a rest while still getting some fresh air.

If your wondering what breed of dog Flash is, he’s a Maltese pup.

The video was uploaded to Amazon UK’s official YouTube channel on Monday the 10th of August, 2015.

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