Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited Adverts – Videos and song details for the new Road Trip, Sugar Rush, Cat Rearranging the Bathroom and Winning! TV commercials.

As these ads point out, Amazon Music Unlimited offers 40 Million Songs and One For Every Moment. You can try the streaming service for yourself now with a Free 30-Day Trail at Amazon UK and

Road Trip

Showing a very happy and relaxed-looking dog with their head out of the car window, this ‘Road Trip’ advert features the 2011 track ‘Levels’ by Swedish DJ Avicii.

Levels is available to download from Amazon and iTunes.

Sugar Rush

A young boy overindulges in some ice cream while travelling in the car in this ‘Sugar Rush’ ad, which includes the song ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ by electronic band Depeche Mode.

Originally released back in 1981, you can now download Just Can’t Get Enough from Amazon and iTunes.

Rearranging The Bathroom

This ‘Rearranging the Bathroom’ commercial sees a cat quietly enjoying knocking items into the sink to the soundtrack of the Sex Pistols 1976 punk rock hit ‘Anarchy In The UK’.

Download Anarchy In The UK from iTunes or Amazon.


A boy flips his bottle of water to unexpectedly land in a tilted position. The song playing in this advert is of course the theme tune from Rocky ‘Gonna Fly Now’ by Bill Conti.

You can download Gonna Fly Now (Theme from “Rocky”) from Amazon and iTunes.

All four of these Music Unlimited videos were posted to the official Amazon UK YouTube channel in May, 2017.

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