Amazon Echo Alexa – ‘Top Songs From 1967’

Amazon Echo Advert Music – Song and singer details to the ‘Alexa Moments – Top Songs From 1967’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Artist/Singer: Lester Young.

Song Title: A Fool in Love.

Available For Download From: Amazon UK, and iTunes.

This brief advert for the Amazon Echo shows a couple taking a trip down memory lane as they sit back and look through an old photo album.

To help immerse themselves even further in their happy memories, the man asks their virtual personal assistant Alexa to play the top songs from the year 1967.

Alexa responds by playing a song called ‘A Fool in Love’. The somewhat obscure track was recorded by Lester Young and appears to have been the B-side to the single ‘Let Your Love Shine’.

Although there is very little information available, it seems this is not the American jazz tenor saxophonist Lester Young who recorded a number of albums during the 1950’s, but in fact a singer of the same name.

This 10-second ‘Alexa Moments: Top Songs’ commercial was posted to the official ‘Amazon Echo’ YouTube channel in March, 2017.

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