Amazon Echo Show Advert – Valerie, Grandpa – Song by Amy Winehouse

Amazon shows you don’t have to be young and tech-savvy to make use of their new Echo Show smart device or “Play the song that goes Valerie” in this ‘Grandpa – Sharing is Caring’ TV advert.

The ad video shows an elderly man receiving an Echo Show with Alexa voice assistant as a present from his grandson. At first, grandpa appears unconvinced by the Amazon device, but by the time his grandson next comes by to visit, the actor’s quick to demonstrate how easily he can use the Echo to stream music.

Song Title: Valerie.
Artists: Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse.
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

The Amazon Echo Show advert song featured here is the 2007 single ‘Valerie’ that was recorded by English singer Amy Winehouse and DJ & music producer Mark Ronson.

27 April 2019

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