Amazon Alexa Ad – Music by Mozart & Donna Summer

In this new Amazon TV advert, we’re reminded that a voice is all you need with Alexa, meaning you can change music tracks without even getting up.

This feature is creatively demonstrated in the commercial by showing a guy interrupting an operatic performance to request a change of song, all without getting off his sun lounger thanks to Alexa and his Amazon Echo device.

However, the guy’s interruption of this high society operatic performance turns out to be not quite as ill-mannered as it first appears. In reality, he was just relaxing at home, requesting songs from Alexa on his Amazon Echo.

Advert Music

Song 1: The Magic Flute – Queen of the Night Aria.
Composer: Mozart.
Preview or Download at: Amazon UK.

Song 2: I Feel Love.
Singer: Donna Summer.
Preview or Download at: Amazon UK.

The opening piece of classical music being performed by the opera singer is ‘Queen of the Night Aria’ from Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

Then the second Amazon Alexa advert song is American singer-songwriter Donna Summer’s 1977 disco hit ‘I Feel Love’, which featured on her fifth album ‘I Remember Yesterday’.


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