Amazon Fire Tablet – ‘Why Buy Just One?’

Amazon Advert Music 2015 – Singer and song information for the new £49.99 Fire Tablet ‘Why Buy Just One?’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Tweedlee Dee.

Artist/Singer: Georgia Gibbs.

Download The Track From: iTunes and Amazon.

Amazon’s new Fire Tablet ad uses the tune ‘Tweedlee Dee’, which is performed here by the American jazz vocalist Georgia Gibbs.

This commercial promotes the latest 7” Fire Tablet, which is now available from Amazon UK for just £49.99. At this price, the ad asks the question: Why buy just one?

The advert then demonstrates a few extravagant ways you could put multiple tablets to use. We first see them spun around a living room table to help choose a movie. In a martial arts mash-up, they’re then attached to a wing chun training dummy to play simultaneous games of Fruit Ninja. A girl then finally takes some photos after attaching six Fire Tablets to an extremely complex selfie stick.

The Fire Tablet model shown in the ad features two cameras, a quad-core processor and a 7” screen. If you fancy the idea of getting one of these Amazon tablets but would like higher specs, the Fire range also includes bigger and more powerful versions.

The above video was added to’s official YouTube channel on the 10th of November, 2015.

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