Alpro – No One Can Stop Me Now

Alpro Advert Music 2018 – Video, soundtrack and singer details to the latest TV ad for Alpro plant-based yogurts and drinks.

Even if you weren’t paying much attention to this commercial when you first saw it on television or online, you’ll have likely had your attention grabbed by its catchy theme tune.

Alpro Advert Song Title: No One Can Stop Me.
Singer: Jay Walker.

Featuring the lyrics “Hey you. No one can stop me now. I’m ready, I’m ready”, the song playing in this video is performed by an artist called Jay Walker. Despite being a great-sounding track that leaves you wanting more, a full-length version so far hasn’t been released as a single. Say it ain’t soy!

This 30-second ‘How You Snack Depends On You’ ad video was posted to the Alpro YouTube channel on 29 August, 2018.

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