Allianz Advert Song – ‘Let’s Stick Together’

Allianz Car Insurance Advert 2015 – Singer and song information for the latest ‘Insurance from A to Z’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Let’s Stick Together.

Artist/Singer: Wilbert Harrison.

Preview or Download the Single on: Amazon or iTunes.

The current TV ad for insurance company Allianz features singer Wilbert Harrison’s version of the song ‘Let’s Stick Together’.

Though the track has since been covered by many different performers such as Canned Heat and Bryan Ferry, this American rhythm and blues musician recorded the original back in 1962.

However, after the single initially failed to enter the charts, Harrison altered some of the lyrics and renamed the song ‘Let’s Work Together’, resulting in a number 32 Billboard Hot 100 placing in 1970.

Here in Britain we’re probably more familiar with Roxy Music vocalist Bryan Ferry’s 1976 solo version of the song, which reached number 4 in the official UK charts.

Allianz is a financial services company based in Munich, Germany. Here in Britain they offer a wide range of products, including home and car insurance.

The above advert, which focuses on the companies car insurance policies, began airing on TV in September, 2015. It finishes with the slogan ‘Allianz – Insurance from A-Z’.

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