Aldi’s John Lewis Christmas Parody – ‘Over The Moon’ Telescope

Aldi Advert 2015 – Supermarket chain release ‘Over The Moon’ John Lewis Christmas parody commercial. #AldiFavouriteThings

I know they say any publicity is good publicity, but you have to wonder now if John Lewis are starting to regret allowing so many spoof versions of their festive ad.

For the first few seconds of watching this video, I assumed it was the original version, and I think that’s part of the reason it works so well. It makes you laugh because you’re not expecting the twist. After a few seconds showing a similar looking elderly actor to John Lewis’ own guy, the gentleman re-sites Aldi’s classic line: “I like this one, and I like this one.” But in a change of subject to earlier ads, this time he’s not comparing some everyday food or drink items, but instead two telescopes.

It’s hard to see how John Lewis could have ever seen this one coming, with Aldi’s man on the moon comparing quality and price on stargazing kit from each of the two retailers. Rather than having some astronomy hardware in stock which needed to be advertised, I can’t help but think Aldi got these telescopes in just so they could make this ad. If they did, then I’d say it was well worth it. The video finishes with the guy saying he’s “Over the moon with this one”, as he watches Aldi ad regular Jean float in on her arm chair.

As far as the soundtrack goes, Aldi appear to have used a mostly instrumental piece of piano music, similar sounding to Aurora’s cover of ‘Half The World Away’.

Adding a little variation to their ongoing ‘Favourite Things’ adverts, the discount supermarket uploaded the above parody video to YouTube on the 25th of November, 2015. Although it’s a fact that will likely be overlooked, the commercial is actually designed to promote Aldi’s range of special buys, which are available in store while stocks last.

Mince Pie Version

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