Aldi Christmas Advert – ‘Top Gun’ Kevin the Carrot

Aldi’s regular face of the festive season, Kevin the Carrot, has apparently now learned to fly and gone all ‘Top Gun’ for the supermarket’s new Christmas TV advert.

Despite having struggled to even drive a lorry a couple of years back, Kevin has somehow now become an ace fighter pilot in this first 2020 campaign film.

Our orange friend may have all the skills but, after slowing down to take a photo of Santa, he may begin regretting his choice of copilot as Turkey tries to open a window to cool down, ejecting Kevin from the F-14 plane.

Leaving viewers wondering what happens next, this ‘Peel the Need’ Christmas Aldi TV and YouTube advert concludes with the question Where is Kevin? #WhereIsKevin

The music playing in this festive Aldi ad is a piece of music that sounds similar, but not too similar, to some of the songs featured on the original Top Gun movie soundtrack.

2 November 2020

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