Aldi Advert – I Need A Hero – Amazing Brownlee’s

Aldi’s new TV campaign shows a regular advert actor running along a pavement to catch his bus, hurdling over barriers and roadworks as he goes.

Then after successfully jumping aboard, the guy’s met by triathlete Alistair Brownlee, who tells him “That was amazing”, to which the man responds “I know. I saved on all these products at Aldi”. The ad finishes with Alistair’s brother Jonny running up alongside the bus as it pulls away.

Song Title: Holding Out for a Hero.
Singer: Bonnie Tyler.
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

This latest ‘That’s Amazing’ Aldi advert features the song ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ that was recorded by Welsh pop-rock singer Bonnie Tyler. This music track was released in 1984 and formed part of the soundtrack to the musical comedy-drama movie Footloose.

24 April 2019

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