Accurist Watches, Christmas 2016

Accurist Advert Song, Christmas 2016 – Video and lyrics details for the London watch brands new festive internet and TV ad campaign.

Watch manufacture Accurist have today launched their new Christmas advert, showing a man driving a speedboat at night to deliver his gift to a waiting lady.

I thought I may have been getting mixed up with another brands commercial or just something I dreamt, but something about that film looked strangely familiar to me. After a little research, it turns out some of those scenes with the male model were taken from last years ad, although those of the woman appear to be new.

Anyway, the music we hear in the ad appears to be a new song, possibly recorded especially for the campaign. The lyrics being sung are:

You love me like crazy, like no one else could.
You take my hand and treat me just like the queen.
But when I ask what I did to deserve you, your answer is always the same.
You put your finger to your lips and say. . . Shhh.

This 30-second video was posted to the official Accurist Watches YouTube page on the 29th of November, 2016 and should begin airing on TV in December.

The two Accurist Hero watches featured in the advert are the women’s 8079 model and the men’s 7058, both of which are currently available with an RRP of £85.

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