TV Ad Songs is a website dedicated to bringing users the latest adverts, currently appearing on British television.
More specifically the site supplies information about the music used in the most popular commercials, such as the name of the song, who sings it and where the full version can be heard.
TV advertising can often provide a springboard for new tracks, instantly exposing them to millions of new listeners and potential new fans. For the singers and bands behind the music, having their creations used in a national ad campaign can be the big break they’ve been looking for.
However, companies also often choose older, partially forgotten songs to provide the soundtrack for their adverts. Despite having already been a hit years, or even decades earlier, this exposure to new listeners can often make these singles a hit all over again.
From an advertisers point of view, the right song can make all the difference to a commercials success, capturing users attention and getting the brand talked about. In the companies dream scenario, the right ad can end up going viral and even become integrated into popular culture.
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