118 118 Money – Keeps Britain Running!

What’s the song called that’s playing in this ‘Keeps Britain Running’ 2018 TV advert for 118 118 Money?

Song Title: The Final Countdown.
Band: Europe.
Download from: Amazon & iTunes.

The iconic keyboard intro and guitar solo we hear in this ad belongs to that 1986 rock song ‘The Final Countdown’ by Swedish glam metal band Europe.

Not only have 118 118 got your number, they’ve apparently now even got your money. The company which originally started out as a telephone directory enquiries service, before the rise of the internet-connected smartphone, now also offer loans and credit cards.

I’ve got to say this new ‘Keeps Britain Running’ TV ad is a welcomed replacement to those annoying ‘Panic’ siren commercials. This latest video was uploaded to the 118 118 Money YouTube channel in April, 2018.

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